Idol of Sri Sri Jagadiswari Kalimata Thakurani  
Idol of Sri Sri Jagadiswari Kalimata Thakurani of Dakshineswar Adyashakti is the primordial energy-consciousness-bliss, she is the Mahamaya who creates the universe and liberates the jiva from the clutches of Maya. The sky is Her clothes. Her eyes have the spread from ear to ear. The Gods were defeated in the war against Shumbha and Nishumbha, the two Asura brothers. They were driven out of the heaven. They then composed a hymm to the Devi and prayed to Her. At this, a Devi came out of the body of the Adyashakti. She was named Kousiki. As a result, the color of Adyashakti turned into black. So she became known as Kali or Kalika(the dark).Though in course of time,she got black Her original color. In another version, during Ambika’s (the mother) war against Shumbha and Nishumbha, at the moment of killing Chandasur Kali sprang forth from the forehead of Ambika.During the war between the gods and the asuras Kali spread out Her tongue and drank all the blood of Raktabij.That is why Her tongue is out.Kali is the first Vidya of ten Mahavidyas. She wears tigerskin. She plays with mahakal and so she is Mahakali or Kali. Kali has so many forms. She is terrible and at the same time calm and benefactress of the world.
" May Mother Bless You, Always I Remain"

Kusal Chowdhury, Trustee & Secretary, D.D. Estate. on behalf of the Board of Trustee & Shebaits.
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